BECKY THE HUMAN  Founder, Chief Organiser & Guide


Founder, Chief Organiser & Guide

From London to Lapland. It all started in early childhood, when my Finnish mother would ship me off to the north for my summer holidays. On arrival I would whip off my shoes, and try to harden the skin on my feet as quickly as possible so that I could run around barefoot with my cousins without wincing. For me, Finland symbolised freedom. I moved permanently up north in 2012, leaving behind a 13 year stint sending TV crews off to have adventures around the world. Done with answering their calls of distress from behind a desk in the city, it was time to answer my own call to adventure. With a dream of one day running my own wilderness retreat in the woods for frazzled city dwellers, I trained to be a wilderness guide. Since graduating in 2014, I have been spending my winters in Lapland as a guide and my summers exploring the rest of the country in between guiding in Helsinki's backwoods. My TV background has proved to be surprisingly useful. From talent spotting to location hunting, sorting travel logistics to making meticulous safety plans, I've pretty much got all bases covered. As a London-born Finnish speaker with my roots firmly in the forest, I'm an insider with an outsider's perspective, helping to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation.



RONJA THE HUSKY  Photo taken by  Tiina Törmänen


Photo taken by Tiina Törmänen

Ronja was born on a sled farm in Inari, Lapland. The runt of an otherwise unexpected litter, Ronja tried one season pulling a sled and decided that she was much better at pulling heart strings and charming the woollen socks off of everyone she meets. On a fated February day in 2015, a new human walked into her enclosure and suddenly, the headstrong husky saw her future flash before her eyes. Determined not to let this opportunity pass her by, Ronja pulled out all the stops, ran to the human and went belly-up right at its feet. In this human she saw potential, and managed to get herself a cushty job as her live-in personal trainer and spiritual guru. That human was me. Ronja's favourite activities are snow-swimming and turning the gruffest of fully grown men into cooing sentimental softies.